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Welcome to Beginnings, the Beginning Cataloguing blog.

In some ways it feels quite old skool to be starting a blog in The Year of Our Lord 2020, especially since my entry into Training was during the craze for “Web 2.0,” when it seemed every library wanted to start something with an RSS feed to keep their regular users up-to-date. Now we use Twitter to share quick snippets of news and Instagram to share pictures of our thrilling daily lives, so do we really need a blog too?

We think we do. Or, at least, we think it will be a nice addition to our social media and to our publications elsewhere. Having taken the time to ease into the scary activity of Starting An Actual Business, we set up our social media over a year ago, and since then have interacted with a lot of different people. Everyone shares an interest in Cataloguing (or, to be frank, they would never have found us), but their reasons for that interest vary. There are other cataloguers, friends and colleagues of many years, who want to discuss recent changes. There are people who have just started to learn how to catalogue, and people who want to learn. And, increasingly, there are people who have ended up with a lot of books and papers and are looking for help to sort them.

Beginnings gives us a space to create content to which we can direct people as and when required- perhaps in the way of the old style library reference desk “cheat sheet” or “FAQ Rolodex.” (Please don’t tell me I’m the only one old enough to remember the Rolodex)! It also gives us a place in which we can share the quotidien developments as we expand our offering over the next few months. Hopefully, it will build into a place where you can find some articles relevant to your own interest.

What To Expect

Each month, on the last Friday of the month, we’ll publish a “Beginnings” article. Our idea at the moment is to alernate “how to” articles for beginning cataloguers with more general articles, but do let us know if you want to see something specific (@beginningcat on Twitter is probably the best way). Our first two articles will be:

During the rest of the month, we will share our news (“Look! A new publication!”) and, if we think it’s of interest, we will repost, or sometimes expand on some of our social media. We’ll definitely do this tomorrow, as we are Instagramming something about the Library of Congress Classification that we think cataloguers will like, and can use the blog to provide helpful links for beginning cataloguers.

Over time, our categories will grow, but beginning cataloguers might like to watch the “Learning to Catalogue” category, while those looking for help to sort out their stuff might find “Dealing with Books and Papers” useful.

Thanks, again, to our clients, colleagues and friends for your support in this new venture,

Disclaimer: links to sites outside do not indicate endorsement or a business relationship with other sites – they are simply pages that seem informative for readers.

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