Beginning Cataloguing Bookshop

How would you like to support us AND independent book shops, just by buying books?

Some of you may remember that when we started our newsletter, Beginning Cataloguing Monthly, we looked for affiliate links that share our values.

Now we’re very happy to share that with having entered the UK market, we have been able to set up an affiliate “shop” at

So far, we’ve added two lists:

1. Books By Us

Here you’ll find Practical Cataloguing, Practical Knowledge and Information Management, and A Handbook for Corporate Information Professionals, of course, also also some books to which we’ve contributed chapters, including Digital Humanities in Practice, Functional Future for Bibliographic Control, and several others.

Naturally enough, the list only features titles available from’s catalogue. There’s a much longer list of publications on our Books and Book Chapters page.

2. Winter Reading

This list offers a range of books suggested by each of us for festive reading, some of which are pictured in the image above.

We’ll be adding more reading lists and book selections in 2021.

Any purchases you make from these lists give Beginning Cataloguing a few pennies, and, more importantly, are supplied by independent bookshops across the UK.

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