Monthly Roundup for You

New lavenders ready to be planted in the Beginning Cataloguing garden.

Some of you have emailed to ask if we are planning on setting up a newsletter to help you keep up with our courses – newsletters work better for you than blogs, you say, because they land in your inbox.

We hear you! This is what we’ve replied to those of you kind enough to suggest this to us.

Firstly, thanks loads for being interested in our new venture and wanting to keep up with us. To answer your question: YES, I am planning a newsletter for Beginning Cataloguing, but it won’t be up and running until October.

Why so slow?

Well, those of you who have known me a long, long, long time will remember that I burst onto the library training circuit talking about current awareness back in the days when RSS feeds were new technology and we were all trying to work out whether library services needed blogs as well as newsletters, or instead of them. Research since has shown that people like each format for different reasons – and while a blog is a great place to post content people might be seeking (e.g. in a web search), newsletters are liked by people who want the convenience of having stuff delivered to their inbox, and for a whole load of different reasons besides. My favourite recent research into why people subscribed to newsletters, by GetApp, found a mixed bag (including “I didn’t choose to” – oops!).

I LOVE library newsletters and blogs, and I want to get ours right. So we’re taking a little time to establish what we do for you as a training and advice venture, and then we’ll send out a cheeky survey to see what you would like from us going forward.

In the meantime, if you want to have a monthly reminder of what we are doing land in your inbox, please may I commend LIS-UKBIBS to you? It’s a great email list with a low number of posts each month, mostly pointing to new resources and training opportunities. May’s had only 4 emails (about Plan M and the RDA Toolkit) and June’s had only fifteen (about the upcoming Marc Advisory Committee Meeting, the draft code of cataloging ethics, and NAG’s Quality of Shelf-ready Metadata Survey report by Emma Booth, as well as our events). So it’s a great way to stay informed not only of what you can sign up to with us, but also with other great UK metadata colleagues.

Here’s our latest email update, with links to our July offerings, including a recording of Concetta’s free masterclass on MarcEdit; booking for her next £6 masterclass on copy cataloguing; and our first ever online course (£75 plus VAT = £90) on Beginning Bibliographic Models. We’ll post a similar update for August’s activities towards the end of July.

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