About Us

Beginning Cataloguing Conference badge at SLA Europe 2019

Beginning Cataloguing began life in 2019 as a Twitter account maintained by Anne Welsh when her personal account took on a wider focus than might be of interest to library cataloguers. It quickly became clear that it would be a good name for the pro bono consultancy work she had been undertaking, helping writers and artists to prepare their archives and personal libraries for donation to cultural institutions, and to grow this part of her practice into a fully-fledged business.

Since then, we have become increasingly active in:

  • working with individuals to manage and document their papers and collections of books, drawings and other objects;
  • providing a range of institutions and individuals with advice on managing their collections, including writing / updating their in-house training manuals and policy documents;
  • writing and delivering bespoke training for heritage organisations and commercial companies (including law firms).

If you are here looking for any of these services, don’t hesitate to get in touch, using info@beginningcataloguing.com in the first instance.

We still provide pro-bono advice and training (and, indeed, some of our associates are solely available for voluntary work at this time – their individual profile pages make this clear). If you are a library association or similarly volunteer-led organisation, we are always happy to talk about ways we can help you. Our usual stipulation is that you cover our travel and where necessary, accommodation costs. The pictures on our Instagram account give a flavour of our activities, and certainly share our free contributions to conferences and other events.

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