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The Independent Libraries Association has accepted our offer of a free place for one of their members on Beginning Bibliography, and we’re very grateful to their committee for administering the award.

If you work in a library that is a member of ILA, you have until 3 August to apply. The text here is a copy of their news release on the scholarship place:

ILA and Beginning Cataloguing team up for a free course place (deadline Monday 3rd August)

Do you want to be able to work out format and collation, create a title-page transcription, and how to use cataloguing techniques in description and research? The Independent Libraries Association is delighted to offer a free place on ‘Beginning Bibliography’, an online, asynchronous course ideal for those new to cataloguing. Guided by teachers, Anne Welsh and Yvonne Lewis, participants will look at the core principles of bibliographic description. The online course begins on Monday 3rd August but can be followed at your own pace.

Please note that anyone who is deeply familiar with Gaskell and Bowers, or who took the Historical Bibliography course at UCL (2009-2019) will be unlikely to benefit from this course and should not apply at this time.

The ILA is able to offer this course (usually worth £200 + VAT) due to a generous offer by Anne Welsh, founder of Beginning Cataloguing. A venture which offers training and advice on cataloguing and related activities, Beginning Cataloguing began life online before moving to bespoke in-person solutions. Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic their courses and advice have shifted entirely online until January 2021.

Anne is the author of Practical Cataloguing and has over twenty-five years’ experience in the areas of cataloguing and bibliography. Anne began her career in independent libraries and they remain dear to her. She was moved to offer this free place in recognition of her early days as a SCONUL trainee and early career librarian, where funds for professional development were in short supply. The ILA is deeply grateful to Anne for her generous offer.

To apply, please send a short email explaining why you would benefit from ‘Beginning Bibliography’ to by 12 noon on Monday 3rd August. The successful applicant will have their participation featured on the Beginning Cataloguing blog and must contribute at least one blog post (5-800 words) about the course. A recent post by a course participant can be found here:

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