Open for Booking: Beginning Bibliographic Models

Be a part of our first full online course, and pay half the usual price, at £75 + VAT (£90).

Beginning Bibliographic Models is open for booking now, with the first of four units released on Monday 6 July.

It’s designed to be completed in your own time, with a range of presentations, readings, and learning activities released each Monday in July. There’s a free video introduction available here, alongside an overview of the full curriculum, which is:

1. What Is A Bibliographic Model and Why Does It Matter? (Unit available from Monday 6 July)

1.1. Introduction (Watch for free)

1.2. What Is a Bibliographic Model?

1.3. Why Do Bibliographic Models Matter?

1.4. Learning Activity 1: Playing Around With Post-its

1.5. The Library Catalogue Today

1.6. Learning Activity 2: Thinking About Relationships in “My” Catalogue

2. The Monolithic Bibliographic Model (Unit available from Monday 13 July)

2.1. Introduction

2.2. The Monolithic Record

2.3. Learning Activity 1: Relationships in the Card Catalogue

2.4. Relationships in the Card Catalogue: Talking Through Learning Activity 1

2.5. The Impact of the Monolithic Bibliographic Model: MARC

2.6. Learning Activity 2: Prioritise Your Own Relationships

3. The WEMI Model(s) (Unit available from Monday 20 July)

3.1. Introduction

3.2. What (We Think) The User Wants

3.3. FRBR and IFLA-LRM

3.4. RDA

3.5. Learning Activity: WEMI Relationships

3.6. WEMI Relationships: Talking Through Learning Activity

4. The Bibframe Model (Unit available from Monday 27 July)

4. 1. Introduction

4.2. The Bibliographic Frameworks Initiative

4.3. Learning Activity 1: How Would You Implement WEMI for Billions of Pre-existing Data?

4.4. WII Fit For Purpose?

4.5. Learning Activity 2: WII Relationships

4.6. WII Relationships: Talking Through Learning Activity 2

5. Keeping Up With Bibliographic Models (Unit available from Monday 27 July)

5.1. Course Wrap Up

5.2. Sources of Further Information

5.3. Staying in Touch

If you are interested, head over to our online school, where you can also hear a recording of Concetta La Spada’s free June Masterclass on Data Manipulation and / or book her July Masterclass on Copy Cataloguing (£6).

N.B. One of the reasons we chose Teachable to host our online school is that they offer the option to set up payment in various currencies. If you do not see your currency as an option on one of our courses, feel free to ask us, and we will add it as an option if we can.

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