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Website Update: Concetta La Spada’s Profile Page

Photo of Concetta La Spada

It’s been a busy week on our relatively new website, and one of the best updates we’ve made is to Concetta La Spada’s profile page.

I love working with Concetta – she has such breadth and depth of knowledge about metadata, and such enthusiasm for sharing what she knows with others. She recently completed the Library Carpentry training course and is bursting with fresh ideas.

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Dewey Death: 647.22 and 647.23

Bodies in the Library will launch fully in the Autumn. For now it consists of a Twitter profile and an Instagram account that highlights library-related quotations in crime fiction, alongside other “bookstagram” posts. At the moment it’s featuring Dewey Death by Charity Blackstock, which includes chapter headings with numbers from DDC 15:

Beginning a New Business During Lockdown

Pen and notebook with the words "WHERE TO NEXT" on the cover.

Each month we plan to bring you an article, usually published on a Friday lunchtime. We’ll alternate “how to catalogue” pieces with ones on broader topics.

For our first, we beg your indulgence to share a little of the experience of starting a business during the current lockdown for Covid-19. We’d love to hear how you are all coping with the changes you’ve been experiencing too.

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