Welcoming Ash Green

Ash Green profile picture

Really delighted to be welcoming Ash Green as a Beginning Cataloguing Associate.

Ash is well-known in the library community, both as a librarian and an activist. They’re currently working on their first event, combining their creative and technology skills and interests.

With over twenty years of experience, Ash has worked in Cataloguing, Classification, Acquisitions and, of course, Systems. Recently they have been involved in games development and organising and speaking at conferences on tech issues. They’ve mentored with the International Catrobat Association and have co-authored conference papers focused on the online digital reading experience as part of the Read, Watch, Play and Read With Me networks.

Recently their LGBTQ+ Lives Online web archiving collaboration with The British Library and UK Web Archive was launched. Ash is the CILIP LGBTQ+ Network Steering Group lead for the project.

You can find out more about Ash on their profile page.

Watch this space for announcements of their upcoming projects.

Welcoming Yvonne Lewis

Yvonne Lewis

Really happy to start the week by welcoming Yvonne Lewis as a Beginning Cataloguing Associate.

Yvonne is well-known in the special collections community, having held committee posts for CILIP Rare Books and Special Collections Group, the Historic Libraries Forum, CILIP Library History Group, the Cathedral Libraries and Archives Association and CILIP Preservation, Conservation & Heritage Sub-committee.

As well as having taught hundreds of people to catalogue in the workplace, she has supervised many work placement students in historic collections, and has, therefore, been the person who has introduced lots of people to life in heritage libraries.

Yvonne holds a degree in History from Warwick University and is a recent graduate of the Institute of English Studies (University of London)’s MRes in Book History. She has worked in special collections since graduating with her MA LIS from University College London in 1992. Her research interests and publications are centred on 17th and 18th century private libraries, book ownership, the reading experience, and maps and globes.

We are really delighted that Yvonne is joining us to co-teach Beginning Bibliography, which opens for registration this week, and whose first unit will go live in August. You can find out more about her on her profile page.