Beginning Cataloguing News 8

... to the eighth issue of Beginning Cataloguing News.

Image: "Why do I want to know about Cataloguing? It's the power I crave"

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Metadata Must-read – Marshall Breeding, ‘2021 Library Systems Report: Advancing Library Technologies in Challenging Times’, American Libraries 3 May 2021,

Bodies in the LibraryRex Pickett, The Archivist, Ashland, Oregon: Blackstone Publishing, November 2021.

Tidy Reading – One of the things that kept me busy over the summer was being appointed, along with Nicola Austin (Life of Libra), as co-organiser of the APDO Book Club. We’ve managed to book some great authors to come along to our meetings, the first being Sarah Gregg, who spoke to us about her books Find Your Flow (New York: Rock Point, 2020) and Choose Happy (New York: Rock Point, 2021).


New Publications – Sarah Howley, Anne Welsh and Nicola Austin (2021). ‘APDO Book Club Reads 2021’, APDO Blog, 4 August 2021,

Anne Welsh (2021). ‘Find Your Flow and Choose Happy: Interview with Sarah Gregg’, APDO Blog, 8 September,

Stella Wisdom with input from Ash Green, Cheryl Tipp and Marion Tessier (2021). ‘Making Games in the Wood with Twine’, Digital Scholarship Blog, 17 May,

Cataloguer Catch-up – highlights from our social media this month.

Seminars – Thanks to the generosity of seminar attendees last year (our first year), we are able to offer this year’s seminars on a “pay what you can” basis. This means that if you can’t afford CPD at the moment, you can come for free – no questions asked. If you can afford to pay £6 or £12, we’ll use your money to pay for next year’s seminars, and so on and so forth into the future. Some seminars will be recorded and available for one month after the event – please check individual pages for details.

1pm, 19 October: Cataloguing Matters – Anne Welsh,

1pm, 17 November: Training Matters – Harriet Hopkins (Awen Cultural Trust) and Amy Staniforth in conversation with Anne Welsh,

1pm, 3 December: Provenance Puzzles – Yvonne Lewis,

1pm, 26 January: Metadata Is Mainstream – Alan Vaughan Hughes (Cardiff University),

1pm, 9 February: Medieval Colours – Sara Charles (Teaching Manuscripts),

1pm, 1 March: MARC Data for Theatre – Tom Spencer (Codurance),

Course – Beginning Bibliography,

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