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Beginning a New Business During Lockdown

Pen and notebook with the words "WHERE TO NEXT" on the cover.

Each month we plan to bring you an article, usually published on a Friday lunchtime. We’ll alternate “how to catalogue” pieces with ones on broader topics.

For our first, we beg your indulgence to share a little of the experience of starting a business during the current lockdown for Covid-19. We’d love to hear how you are all coping with the changes you’ve been experiencing too.

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Writing Soundtrack, 22 May 2020

Quite often on Fridays we post one of our current listens on Instagram. Maybe it’s interesting to see what is accompanying our writing over time …

Beginning Beginnings

Applying eye makeup

Welcome to Beginnings, the Beginning Cataloguing blog.

In some ways it feels quite old skool to be starting a blog in The Year of Our Lord 2020, especially since my entry into Training was during the craze for “Web 2.0,” when it seemed every library wanted to start something with an RSS feed to keep their regular users up-to-date. Now we use Twitter to share quick snippets of news and Instagram to share pictures of our thrilling daily lives, so do we really need a blog too?

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