ARLIS 2018

Anne Welsh at ARLIS 2018
Anne Welsh at ARLIS 2018. Photo by Gustavo Grandal Montero.

New recently on the ARLIS 2018 website:

Includes Panel 1B, in which Anne Welsh gave the paper, ‘The following | sing | I | a | book’: A Humument as ‘work in progress…Gesamtkunstwerk’ and the definition of the Work in library cataloguing’:

Live Now: Beginning Bibliographic Models

Open for Booking: Beginning Bibliographic Models

Be a part of our first full online course, and pay half the usual price, at £75 + VAT (£90).

Beginning Bibliographic Models is open for booking now, with the first of four units released on Monday 6 July.

It’s designed to be completed in your own time, with a range of presentations, readings, and learning activities released each Monday in July. There’s a free video introduction available here, alongside an overview of the full curriculum, which is:

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