APDO Book Club: An Introduction to Coaching Skills

Christian Van Nieuwerburgh, An Introduction to Coaching Skills. 3rd ed., Sage, 2018.

This was the February APDO Book Club read.

Caveat: I haven’t accessed the video content that comes with the book. Despite providing online learning myself, including video content as appropriate, I don’t enjoy watching educational videos for pleasure, and always, always prefer reading.

I did learn new techniques from the book, and I suspect would / will learn more via the videos. However, a lot of it replicated learning during my Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, focusing on listening skills, asking open questions, and keeping the “coachee” (hideous term – “person being coached” is longer to say but sounds better) thinking, talking and taking action.

My reading was also marred by my context – this isn’t, in my opinion, a book club read, but rather a mini-course. I’ll be interested to see how our discussion goes tomorrow – perhaps if lots of APDO colleagues turn up who are qualified coaches there will be debate, but for me, it was a case of “Yeah, useful technique … yep, another useful technique … yep, I can see how this might help in some circumstances.”

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