Screen Use and Eye Health

Carnations and gypsophila in a vase on my office windowsill.

How often do you look up from your screen?

For eye health, the 20:20 rule is helpful – every 20 minutes we should look up from our computer screen and refocus our eyes on something at least 20 feet away.

I know this – at one point many years ago I was even the librarian for a specialist online library for eye health – but I really struggle to apply it!

Over the winter I started putting cut flowers in my office, to remind me that spring was coming, and I’ve found them a real benefit in making me look up more frequently. The light catches them at different times, so I actively want to look at them – then I look out the window at the garden and of course that’s more than 20 feet away, because I’m upstairs!

Because the flowers change frequently, they’re always a new thing in my line of vision – and they won’t become clutter because they only have a short life span.

Do you have any tricks to look up and out frequently when at the computer screen? I’m always looking for new things to try!

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