Time Management: Delete That Email App

Are you always “on”?

This week’s #protip is about mobile email management.

I know how hard it can be not to be constantly available – one infamous Christmas Eve I can remember my Dad losing his rag with me for answering a student email in the veg aisle as people fought past me to grab the last of the Brussels sprouts. But I also know the joy of my life now, in which I don’t check email outside work hours.

Deleting email apps is one of the most freeing actions we can take in modern life.

Here are 3 reasons to delete email apps and 3 suggestions how to do it:

📧 Our time is precious, and study after study has shown that human beings are more productive when we have some leisure time in which we switch off from thinking about work.
📧 We can’t be fully in our physical environment if we split our attention between it and the requests people make of us in our online world.
📧 There will always be certain emails that we can’t action away from our office. We may check email to deal with things quickly, but that one email we cannot action will prey on our mind and eat our attention until we get back to the equipment we need to answer it.

🤹🏻‍♀️Even if you work for yourself, your work doesn’t own every second of your day. If it’s useful to you to have email on your phone during working hours, delete the app each evening and reinstall each morning – keep your free time free.
🤹🏻‍♀️ Almost all email systems have webmail. It’s more of a pfaff than their app, but it means if you really, really, REALLY need to check, you still can. However, the pfaff of it stops the temptation to “just take a quick look” while you’re waiting in a queue or for a friend. It’s always much healthier to look around at your current environment than dive back into work.
🤹🏻‍♀️ If you’re in a situation in which you are expected or required to be available via email ALL the time, perhaps it’s time to start a new job search. I know that Christmas Eve when we almost didn’t get our brassicas was a big red flag to me. For financial reasons, it took a while to actually leave that workplace but the decision to do so was made that interrupted Christmas Eve.

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