One of the main reasons for starting Beginning Cataloguing is to offer cost-effective training. Having worked in a range of sectors, we know that while some employers offer generous packages for Continuing Professional Development, some library workers have to pay to meet their own training needs. We are also aware of the prohibitive cost of many university-based courses.

Because of this, we have worked out an offering of off-the-shelf packages for which the only cost to you is for our time to deliver them. We also offer bespoke courses, written specifically for your organisation. From 2021 we will also be organising taster afternoons and evenings so you can meet us and undertake a small learning activity.

The Beginning Cataloguing Online School is now live and open for bookings on You can read a little about courses under preparation here.

All our training activities have been curtailed by the COVID-19 situation. We are happy to talk to you now about face-to-face activities in 2021. If you require something that does not require face-to-face interaction, do also get in touch, emailing in the first instance.