Welcome to Beginning Cataloguing, a new venture that offers Writing, Advice and Training on cataloguing and related activities. We work with a range of individuals and organisations to help them organise their books, archives, data and other information.

As a new business during the COVID-19 lockdown, we are launching slowly, focusing on activities that allow us to stay home. The Beginning Cataloguing Online School is now live and open for bookings on teachable.com. We are booking in-person trainings from 2021 (with thanks to existing clients who have supported us in postponing face-to-face activities). You can always hear about the latest developments via our blog, Beginnings, @beginningcat on Twitter and @beginningcataloguing on Instagram.

Contact us at info@beginningcataloguing.com with any queries.

Anne Welsh

Recent Activities

Catch up on Sara Charles’s talk on Making Manuscripts, our first ever Book History Seminar.
ILI 365
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With some people working from home, some wanting to leave face-to-face services with customers who are not compliant with social distancing rules, and some staring down the barrel of redundancy, there have possibly never been more information professionals contemplating self-employment. Here are some tips and resources from my experience this year setting up Beginning Cataloguing. Continue reading on ILI 365 >>>