One of the main reasons for starting Beginning Cataloguing is to offer cost-effective training. Having worked in a range of sectors, we know that while some employers offer generous packages for Continuing Professional Development, some library workers have to pay to meet their own training needs. We are also aware of the prohibitive cost of many university-based courses. Because of this, we have worked out an offering of off-the-shelf packages for which the only cost to you is for our time to deliver them. We also offer bespoke courses, written specifically for your organisation.

The Beginning Cataloguing Online School offers courses on Cataloguing and Bibliography and hosts monthly seminars. Recent consultancy work has included taxonomy design, policy writing and providing authors with advice on library history.

You can keep up with all our public courses via our free newsletter, Beginning Cataloguing News; our blog, Beginnings; @beginningcat on Twitter; and @beginningcataloguing on Instagram. You can book a discovery meeting at or contact with any queries.