Broken Sonnets

Broken Sonnets. Exhibited in Pistols and Pollinators 2, The Albion, London, 23-27 May 2013.

“An interdisciplinary project that explores the Arts through experimentation and collaboration,” curated by Accident and Emergence and Katriona Naomi. I was paired with visual artist Hermione Allsopp, who created a sculpture in which some of my ‘broken sonnets’ were embedded and displayed.

Photographs on Hermione’s website.

Broken Sonnets was a site-specific installation co-created by Hermione Allsopp and Anne Welsh for Accident & Emergence’s exhibition Pistols and Pollinators 2, which took place at the Albert in Kilburn, 23-27 May 2013.

Modern sonnets, consisting of 14 lines with a “turn” or “volte” at line nine, have been broken into eight- and six-line poems, which can be glimpsed from different angles in the piece. This page provides links to the full-text of the poems, which you can read in any order. Click on an image to access a pdf of a poem:

Images by Hermione Allsopp and Joe Packer.

Anne Welsh, 2012.

Writing Portfolio.