Data Manipulation Using MarcEdit

Concetta La Spada‘s latest article has been published in Catalogue & Index 199 (June 2020). As the title implies, it’s a case study of some of the data manipulation she performs in her role at Cambridge University Press.

MarcEdit has been rightfully popular with cataloguers since Terry Reese first made it available twenty years ago. Unlike most library management systems, it is free and allows us to export, manipulate and import our data. Concetta’s article provides an overview of how it helps her in her work for one of the world’s major academic publishers.

Catalogue & Index, the journal of the CILIP Cataloguing and Indexing Group, is open access, so you can read Concetta’s article for free:

Concetta La Spada (2020). ‘Data Manipulation Using MarcEdit’, Catalogue & Index 199: 27-33,

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