Katharine Schopflin

Dr Katharine Schopflin

Dr Katharine Schopflin is an Information Manager and Librarian with nearly 25 years experience across a range of sectors. She currently works as an information governance manager for an NHS Trust, but has worked extensively in knowledge and information management for local and central government, non-profit organisations and in the commercial sector.

Katharine is the author of three professional books, the latest of which Practical Knowledge and Information Management (co-authored by Matt Walsh) was published by Facet Publishing in 2019. She has a PhD in Library and Information Studies from University College London, where she has also been a sessional lecturer in Management for Information Professionals.

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"Such an interesting snapshot into a new (to me) area of information work." - @Emma_E_B on Twitter
Matt Walsh and Katharine Schopflin
Dr Katharine Schopflin
Katharine Schopflin speaks from the podium at the SLA Europe Conference

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