Katharine Schopflin on Organisational Knowledge

Katharine Schopflin speaks from the podium at the SLA Europe Conference

Join us next week online to discuss Organisational Knowledge with Knowedge Manager, Author and Beginning Cataloguing Associate Dr Katharine Schopflin.

Knowledge Management claims to be the art of making organisations perform better by finding and exploiting employee knowledge and expertise and controlling the information they produce. But what does that actually mean in practice? In this seminar Katharine will look at how we actually use knowledge and store information in our everyday working lives. She will ask why it is so hard for organisations to find this knowledge and what they could do make it better.

Further details and booking: https://beginningcataloguing.teachable.com/p/general-seminar-february

Image: Katharine speaking at the SLA Europe Conference in September 2019.

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